One detective. One client. Two worlds.

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Dominion web series is a dark tale of mystery told in the classic detective noir style. It features a rich world of supernatural creatures who live side by side with humans... our own world. They prefer to stay in the shadows, the stuff of legends and myths. But one Private Investigator is finding out that sometimes the truth is more dangerous than the myths they hide.

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Sean Michael Field, Maia Nicholson, Matero Prendergast, Claudia McLain, Steve Carter, Jaime Lee, Addison LeMay, Theik Smith

Minisodes cast: Robert Nolan, Dulce Felix, James Dalzell, Tom Marshall, Paul Nicholls, Katie Uhlman, Steve Kasan, Katie MacTavish, B.J. Jeroy, Aaron Peever, Steve Kasan, Tori Lord

Written and Created by Andrew Stoute & Rodney Smith
Director/DOP: Rodney Smith
Composer: Damian Sanchez, Rob Sbar
Sound Mixer: Andre Phillips