Drawn By Pain

How do you fight the enemy, when you are the enemy?


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Drawn by Pain is the mixed live-action/animated feature film, chronicling the life of a young woman searching for salvation as her animated madness fights for her sanity in the real world.


From the very start Drawn by Pain has been anything but conventional. From it’s mixture of hand drawn animation/live-action to its creation (and release) in the world’s biggest collaborative environment, Drawn by Pain has helped pave the way for how independent films may be heard, seen, and made. Originally released episodically on the web with the help of actors, musicians, artists and fans from all points of the globe, Drawn by Pain (the episodic series) has been downloaded over a million times, has a brand awareness of more than 20 million and has quickly become a strong intellectual property in its own right. Since its online episodic release, Drawn by Pain has won a 2008 Webby Award, been featured by IFC’s lunchbox, the MSG channel, NY ComicCon, twice by the NY Post, two national radio shows (WOR and Sirius Radio), Mediaweek, and many front pages/podcasts across the web. In addition, Drawn by Pain Director Jesse Cowell has spoken on multiple panels including IFPs When Web and Video Collide and the New York Film & Television Festival on Best Video on the web.

“I didn’t set out to make a popular piece, I just did my best to tell a story that meant a lot to me” says director Jesse Cowell. “After having met so many young people online who seemed to be carrying problems from their past with them into their daily lives and with having had many demons of my own that I just couldn’t let go, I decieded it was time to tell the story of someone coming to terms with themselves; battling the troubles of past so they could live a better, less tortured, tomorrow.” The online universe provided the perfect way to not only reach people with the message, but to interact with them as well. Not only was the film influenced by the audience, it engaged throughout its release, many of them flew in to play parts in the film, contribute music and give any type of support they could give as they believed in the director’s vision and power to inspire with the hard work only a small crew could achieve.

But that vision was not complete as the newly edited feature film version would soon show. With it’s original intention now intact, a special private screening was set up to showcase the new cinematic full length feature version of the series for its massive virtual crew. Two theaters quickly filled as reservations came from across the world to partake in what would be a magical night. The films immersive emotional experience could now be seen in its true form.