The End.

You don't get to Columbus without dying a few times.

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Spoiler Alert! Someone will die in this episode. Also, it's all Hurley's dream.

My name is Jet "The Thrilla Vanilla Gorilla" Batman, Esq. III, King of the Lizard People. It's a family name.

I still remember when I heard the news that Jennifer and Snoop were both killed in the second invasion... Snoopifer, you will be missed.

Last time I was in Vegas I got rad poisoning and ended up in bed with a robot named Fisto.

Nice night for a walk.

The One Where Johnny Has the Map.

Roughly translated, he said "it 1has1 needing0 the010 thirsty? 0"

I hope the Killbots make me a D cell. That would be nice.

I have seen the menu, and it is us.

This whole thing could have been avoided if you hadn't hurt my dishwasher's feelings.

On the the other end of the spectrum is the hugbot, the most heartful of all killbots.

Killbots don't take holidays.

He sees you when you're sleeping.

When I kiss her it tastes like battery acid.

The robopocalypse is an excuse for missing nearly anything.

Save it, we may have to drink it.

I'm thankful for the McRib.

Fun Fact: Killbots have 20/.000001 Vision.

Luckily, I hear there are plenty of twinkies in the apocalypse.

Yes, the world is in flames, but did you hear about TomKat?

The robots have taken over and there are only a few survivors left. 

The End. is a post apocalyptic buddy comedy.


Produced by: Bryan Mayer, Justinh Avery, Peter Harmon, Ian Becker, Rick Bickerstaff, and Jason Marsh