A low budget independent superhero-webseries for geeks, by geeks.


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Extraordinaries! is a low budget independent superhero-series from the mind of geek movie director André Hedetoft

Made out of passion by a bunch of geeks, that is going to be spread all over the world, for free, on the Internet. Down below is a whole lot more info and in the near future I'll be rolling out even more, including a Frequently Asked Questions. This is only the beginning:


Hello, my name is André Hedetoft and I'm a 26 years old movie director.

I was born 7 weeks early in an elevator and had to spend a lot of time in hospitals where I found my salvation in the geek culture.

A while ago I combined my love for the geek culture with my lifelong dream to make movies that I myself would like to see and made a promise:

"When I have 1000 fans I will tattoo in Geek Movie Director on myself and make a superhero-series that is going to spread all over the world, for free, on the Internet."

With that said and done, we created a short teaser to generate interest in the project...

I got my 1000 fans.

I got my tattoo.

Now, 2010, it's finally time for our superhero-webseries Extraordinaries! to come alive.


is the story about a young orphan girl who shaken by the brutal event that put her little brother in coma records a message onto You Tube. An appeal, to regular people, just like you and me, to not passively stand by when injustices ravage but instead do something extraordinary....just as she intends to.

This first season will consist of 5 episodes, 4 minutes each, that will be released, for free, all over the world, on the Internet.

This is a mega low budget project. But low budget doesn't mean low quality. On the contrary low budget means that we are a team of insanely passionate geeks, putting in time and equipment to be able to bring the untouched story and vision we have imagined into life. Creating a grand production on the cheap.


If you like the project... here are 3 things you can do to help Extraordinaries!.


If you like the project… here are 3 things you can do to help:

1. Follow along on my blog at andrehedetoft.com where I’ll be sharing the whole adventure with you.

2. Spread the introduction video in whatever way seem fit.

3. Pre-order 1 of 1000 signed, numbered, extremely limited DVDs packed w loads of exclusive stuff & get your name in DVD credits under “Extraordinary People”.

When the DVDs gone, they’re gone. No reprints. Left in your hands you will have 1 of the only 1000 copies in existence and will have given support to one amazing project. And believe me, this is only the beginning.

To reward the first 100 persons that buy the DVDs they get them for only $12. Then the price will go up to $25. So get in early…

Welcome to one wild adventure