Frontier - Prelude to Darkness

In the future humankind will have a new frontier

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By the end 23rd century humans have ventured into the stars. Two empires vie for power along the known sectors of the Milky Way - the Terran Imperial Union and the Dakota Republic.

The story follows three individuals:

Major John Caine - an ex-Air Wing Commander called back into service to investigate the disappearance of the Union Science vessel.

Ensign Sarah Keller - chief communications officer aboard the U.S.S. Asimov which has gone missing, she must cope with what has happened to her while she was gone.

Private Rickman Devers - a grunt private who is part of the invasion force landing on a Dakota planet, he is expecting a straight fight, this will not be the case.

SciFinal Creator's Corner interview: Frontier - Prelude to Darkness - Lewis Roscoe