Elite athletes. Cunning strategists. Ruthless adversaries. It takes great endurance to survive in the cut-throat world of Professional Role Playing Gamers. Can you take the hits?

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The world of Professional Tabletop Role Playing Gaming is a world of intense pressure, filled with dizzying highs and desperate lows, where no quarter is asked, and none is given.

The American Goblins & Gold RPG team, led by Jonathan Drake, have taken the Silver Medal at the last three World G&G Championships, being beaten each time by superstar Oliver Crane's British team. But when Jonathan is injured in a gaming accident, maverick player Richard Wright must step up to lead the American team. Can Wright pull his team together in time for the Championship? Will the Britons hold onto their World Championship title? And will Jonathan, shattered by his accident, find purpose now that his RPG career is over? GOLD is the only web series that dares ask the question, "can you take the hits?"

GOLD is both a satire/soap opera which pokes fun at the portrayal of sports and athletes in movies and television, and a loving tribute to the geekily wonderful world of tabletop role playing games.