GOLD: Night of the Zombie King

This is life. Roll for damage.

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Episode 1

Night of the Zombie King is the first in a series of GOLD "companion adventures" - miniseries in the GOLD universe.

Jameson "Jaz" Colier, ex-college football star, is less than happy with how his life has turned out. A blown knee, a crappy apartment and a job at a package delivery service are the meager remains of a happy childhood and once promising football career. His only joy is in being team captain of a group of professional Goblins & Gold Role Playing Gamers (seen in GOLD, Episode 4) with a reputation for ruthless gameplay. And when his team is removed from the pro rankings for alleged cheating, even that begins to crumble.

Needing a break from his life in Los Angeles, Jaz returns home to San Jose. While he's there, his high school Game Master arranges a night of Goblins & Gold for their old gaming group, something they haven't done together in over fifteen years. As the night progresses, the group has trouble reconciling the friends they once were with the people they've become and, in order to get through the night, Jaz and his fellow gamers must address unfinished (and sometimes unpleasant) business left to simmer for more than fifteen years.

Night of the Zombie King stars James Ellis Lane (Days of Our Lives, GOLDThe Ballad of Mary & Ernie) as Jaz, Jonathan Nail (Mad Men, Solo) as Martin, Brian Majestic as Brian, Stephanie Thorpe (After JudgementThe Temp LifeHTSAAR) as Danny and Maxwell Glick (Life, LonelyGirl15) as Hicks. This funny and touching The Big Chillstory for role playing gamers will premiere in 2010.