Hamilton Carver: Zombie P.I.

An absurdist zombie revenge noir. With ninjas.


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An absurdist zombie revenge noir. With ninjas.

A detective dies while investigating the murder of his girl...and gets a second chance to return to Noir Town as a zombie and solve the crime once and for all.

Like most of these stories, it all started with the Dame. Hamilton Carver was a lowly Private Eye in a lonely city, and the one thing going for him was the girl. They called her the Lips, and she was the mob princess of Noir Town.

When Hamilton and his partner, Harry Callahan, found her shot dead, Hamilton swore revenge. After a long investigation, nothing turned up…until the ghost of The Lips appeared. Hamilton did what any good PI would do – gathered all of the suspects for a pot-luck dinner, and worked it all out.

Sort of. Until he got shot to death.

And that’s where our story begins.