Have Sword, Will Travel

Do you have the courage to join me?


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Welcome to the world of Have Sword,Will Travel, an award-winning action comedy adventure series based on the life of web sensation and mystery man John Titor.

Come with us now on an adventure you will never forget as you travel through time with Col. Hawk aka John Titor as he is called out of retirement by Starcom to capture and relocate the evil forces which choose to use the technology for their own dasterdly means. Enjoy the excitment, the color, the sounds of clashing swords, the horses and the beautiful wenches through out history. Enjoy the adventures with us as history will never be the same.

Filmed entirely with only a camera..Starring: Bobby Lento, Enrico Ganino, Daniel D. Houy, Donny Williamson, Chuck Paxton and many celebrity guest stars. A Lentohawk Production.

"Do you have the courage to join me?"

SciFinal Creator's Corner interview: Have Sword, Will Travel - Bobby Lento