The Helter Skelter Chronicles

Can you handle the truth?

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Helter Skelter is an anthology web series that explores alternate universes, government conspiracies, time travel and the paranormal. Each episode introduces new characters and storylines that eventually connect.

This pilot episode entitled, "Cause And Effect pt.1" takes place 230 days after the 2012 disaster, thus creating an alternate reality. In this version of our world, the survivors have been implanted with a chip that allows them to travel and buy necessities. When a down and out resistance runs out of credits, they are forced to seek the services of a drug addicted hacker named Orion who also possesses the ability to move through space. The resistance survival is threatened when a sadistic mentalist only known as "The Man With The Black Mask" along with his demonic army of Templemen Enforcers, hunt down the hacker for their own agenda.