The House Between

Everything you think you know is wrong.

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The House Between is an original science-fiction/horror TV series created by author John Kenneth Muir. 

It concerns five strangers who awaken one day to find themselves trapped inside a strange, empty house. These five diverse people struggle to get along with one another, find trust, and understand their odd predicament...all while they deal with a house where each new room represents a different mind-state, a different manifestation of their inner selves. The house understands their secrets, their guilts, their fears...their dreams... their nightmares.

The house "at the end of the universe," as one character describes it, is utterly inescapable, and surrounded by a zone of blackness, of "null space." But that doesn't mean there aren't ripples in the void...creatures who lurk in the dark outside the house and are desperate to own that which the five strangers already have. Food. Heat. Light. Warmth. Life...

SciFinal Creator's Corner interview: The House Between - John Kenneth Muir