The Hunted: Vindication

Vampires EXIST. Been bitten? We can help.

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The Hunted: Vindication is a sword-slingin', vampire-slayin' webseries!

The original series that started it all, The Hunted, shot in Los Angeles, can be found at:

Vindicate - " uphold; to defend or maintain something such as a cause or rights."

We are - the Hunted - survivors of Vampire attacks who have banded together to protect ourselves from becoming cattle... and prove the existence of vampires to the rest of the world. Yes, they exist. We have proof. A lot of it. And we're going to show you. Others around the country, (Los Angeles, Portland, Tampa, et al) have been battling these fiends for a while now. We've fought in Tampa; now we're moving up and down the coast following them; wherever they go... we'll be waiting. And probably hungry (ever SIT on a stakeout for hours?! Ugh). But I digress...

The Florida vampires are an odd bunch, regardless of where they're found. But one thing binds them all...they SUCK.

I mean, yeah, like they drink blood too but we mean they "suck" in that they... y'know... they just... okay, nevermind...

We're here to vindicate those who've been treated as human-sized Happy Meals... simple as that.

Join Leroy (Brett Jones from The Ballad of Leroy) and Derek (Derek Conley from The Hunted: Tampa) as they band together to fight on new ground while gathering a new team of Slayers.

(Oh, and if anyone has bail money for Leroy, seriously, let us know... we could use the help...)