The Icarus II Project

Are you a Runner or a Jumper?

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CSI meets Astral Projection in this Science Fiction Action Web Seres.  

Follow the agency, also know as "The Jumpers: with Rookie Agent Carmen Maldonado (Luciana Carro) and Agent Jonah Spencer (Tobias Mehler) as they join the fight against the Astral resistance known as "The Runners".  Meet Rogue agent Marcus Stryker (Jamil Walker Smith) and Resistance fighter Daniels (Judson Mills) as they battle the agency in this intriguing action packed drama.  Find out what you stand for and choose your side this fall.  Created by Kim Laird Written by Kim Laird & Michael Taylor(BSG, Star Trek Voyager) Starring Susan Mikiel, Kathryn Gordon, Tohoru Masamune, Ansley Bubbico, Robert Martin Jr, Chanel Ryan and introducing Nutopia Kim.