Infinite Santa 8000

Everyone must kill to survive, even Santa.

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"A thousand years ago the world completely collapsed. Everyone must kill to survive, even Santa."

It is the year 8000. War, famine, and disease have ravaged the earth, transforming it into a vast, desolate wasteland. Infinite Santa lives alone in a make-shift hut in the middle of the desert, feasting on the remaining mutants to survive. They're slow and dumb as a rock - easy prey for Santa. He hasn't seen anything even close to a person in three hundred years.

'Til she arrived.

She is Martha, a young girl - not quite human, but a very cute robotic clone. She and Santa immediately take to each other. It's been a long time since Santa's heard a child's laughter. Maybe there is some hope in this dreary world after all.

But they are not alone.

They are being watched.

By the evil Dr. Shackleton.

Dr. Shackleton is a dangerous man - cold, smart, and calculating. He has been looking for Santa for a long time, and is overjoyed that he has finally found him. And he is determined to discover Santa's mysterious secrets.

Will Santa escape the clutches of Dr. Shackleton? Can Santa fight and kill his way through the mutants and monsters, and protect Martha from the evil that waits for them at every turn? Will Dr. Shackleton uncover the shocking truth about Santa's creation? Is there hope in this post-apocalyptic wasteland?