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Listen to Jules Ismail SAVE THE WORLD!


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Listen to Jules Ismail SAVE THE WORLD!

Theorizing that one could time travel by means of a time machine, Dr. Elijah Sloan led a group of his friends from the bar into a secret laboratory to develop a top-secret project known as "building a time machine." Pressured by his long-time drinking buddies to send three intoxicated pigeons back into dinosaur times, Dr. Sloan carelessly sent Jules Ismail, humanity's last hope to prevent the apocalypse before it happened, to the wrong time period.

Jules arrived in 1947, disoriented and confused.  Fortunately, there was never cause to feel alone as RayRay, an artificial intelligence originally a navigational assistant in the Roachmobile, had been downloaded into the interlink device attached to Jules' spine, and communicated through neural impulses manifesting themselves as coherent phrases.  Eventually managing to jump to 2010, Jules must fight evil demons from the future while endeavoring to solve the intricate mystery that is the end of the world... and thwart it.

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