The Karada

Reality is just a fragment of your imagination...

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The world is made up by endless layers of reality. Every time one makes a decision, reality is divided between what is and what could have been.  Every reality has a group called the Patternseekers, safe-keepers who keep the alternate realities distinct and separate. When the threads of multiple realities begin to intermingle, problems arise.

Since the death of her grandmother, Emma's life has been all but normal. Strange shifts in reality starts to occur: beloved friends and family members go missing as if they never even existed. Others begin to act under demonic possession seeking to destroy Emma. On top of all else, horrific visions begin to haunt her.

Emma can’t understand why this is happening to her. The answers to these questions lies in the bizarre collection of items Emma’s Grandmother has bequeathed to her. But Emma cannot unravel this mystery alone. She needs to employ the help of a global community of participants who will take up the call to be the Patternseekers in this life: those who will try to keep the reality of this world from being torn asunder.