Litus & Eve

What If Everything Was For Nothing..

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-What If Everything For Nothing-

The story begins with 3 friends, Litus, Zilo & Maria. Its Litus 21st birthday and he doesn’t want to go out. Zilo, his best friend sets a long awaited plan into motion with Maria. Litus down and out because his ex-girlfriend didnt text him for his birthday. Taking his best friends advice he goes out and celebrates with friends, friends he can call family. Litus meets a girl that night, they hit it off. But with a snap of the finger everything changes. Litus, Zilo,Maria & Eve live’s are about to change. With danger lurking at every corner, a deadly alien virus killing thousands of people all around the world, the road ahead to safety for the group is dangerously unpredictable. Lives will be lost and most of all...they have no one but each other to rely & depend on.