"Somebody has to be crazy enough to go first!"

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Lunatics is the story of eight people establishing the first permanent human settlement on the Moon. Politics are inevitable, physics is implacable, and the colonists are indomitable fanatics (who else would do it?).

The series will open with the story of Georgian Lerner, who becomes the youngest person to fly to the Moon as she and her mother join her father who is already there, and the other colonists (the pilot episode, "No Children in Space" is currently in pre-production and we are raising money to support this through a Kickstarter campaign -- come check it out (follow the video link below), we have some cool and unique pre-sale items). The colony is created by a grassroots organization called the International Space Foundation, and is near a site operated by the United States Air Force for training and navigation.

Our release date is subject to funding and contributions. We're currently raising for pre-production design work -- especially characters, which are being designed by Daniel Fu.

Lunatics is a concept we first had about 10 years ago at a space conference when we asked ourselves this question: "If the Moon were colonized not by corporations or by governments but by a grassroots organization of the same people who today are space fanatics, what will that look like? 

Although they've mellowed a little bit in the development of the story, the characters started out as parodies of the space-crazy people we knew from the space community, transplanted into a situation where they would have to "walk the walk" as well as "talk the talk".

And as we developed this concept, we kept asking ourselves the question "What would really happen?" -- challenging ourselves to look beyond science fiction cliches and consider the realities of physics, planetary science, engineering, psychology, and politics that we knew from our experience. Having been professional scientists and having gone through more "do-it-yourself" experiences than I care to mention, we felt uniquely qualified to create this kind of story.

There are no aliens or sentient computers in Lunatics. It's not that kind of science fiction. It's also not going to be a melodrama with world-saving adventures every episode. Lunatics is small-cinema, focusing on the lives of families on a frontier, with problems and solutions on that scale.

For the most part, nobody dies, and for the most part it's a family comedy, because we realized that the real problems in colonizing a new world are challenging enough to be their own story. Add to that the complexities of space politics, and we won't run out of stories for a long time.

It's a story about confident, resourceful people facing serious problems with a sense of humor; it's about the fundamental dangers both of nature and of human nature; and it's about a truly realistic view of space colonization and settlement.