The Machine of Death Monologues

What you do know can kill you.

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The Machine of Death can tell you how you will die.

Unfortunately, it won’t tell you when, and it won’t tell you the circumstances.  No.  You stick your finger in the Machine, it takes a blood sample, and spits out a cheap piece of paper with a couple of words on it.  “CAR CRASH,” maybe, or “DROWNING.”

Also unfortunate is that the Machine likes a joke as much as the next droid.  It might tell you you’ll die of “FRIENDSHIP” or “NEW SHOES.”  And if it tells you you’ll die of “WATER,” it could mean anything from drowning to being hit on the head by a bottle of Evian.

The Machine of Death Monologues is a series of eight filmed monologues telling eight very different stories. Launching July 2011!