Medium Popcorn

Reviewing Movies To Save The Universe

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Medium Popcorn is a movie review series that follows four eccentric puppets through an unusual film office. In the face of trouble, Diego, Keith, Seymour, and Lucy turn to COMPUTER for guidance. To find clarity in their situations, they watch movies reflecting whatever insanity currently plagues them.

Inspired to expose more audiences to underground films, Imagos Films developed Medium Popcorn to compare popular contemporary movies to their lesser known counterparts.

Diego, a puppet intern at a film company, stays behind at the office when the company, Shadowplay Media, heads out to a shoot in Prague. Curious, Diego snoops around to find COMPUTER - the Centralized Omni-operational Motion Picture Ubiquity Terminal. COMPUTER allows Diego to watch any film - past, present, and future - and compare it to another film of similar content.

As he explores the many forbidden rooms of the office, he finds other puppets who will watch movies with him. Among them is Keith, a film elitist found trapped in a block of ice, as well as Seymour, an optimistic film-buff/alien bounty hunter. Diego also finds Lucy, a fiery puppet who may literally be the girl of his dreams. Together, Diego, Keith, Seymour, and Lucy review films as they discover what other absurdities remain hidden at Shadowplay Media.