Milgram And The Fastwalkers

A noir soap opera about...UFOs. What if they're real, what then ?

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Milgram And The Fastwalkers is a noir sopa opera about...UFOs. It is based on the premise: What if they are real, what then ? What would life be like for everyday people who suddenly discover that UFOs are actually real ?

Internationally prominent doctor Daniel Milgram inadvertently becomes a detective when new client, corporate lawyer Sally Lemm, comes to him at wit's end. Her case plunges them both deeply into the dark world of UFOs. The truth is . . . No one is prepared for alien presence. The noir soap format allows for a whole cast of characters who have delicious flaws, intriguing aspirations and much to learn. It goes to very weird places.

Polls show that for over fifty years roughly half of people believe in UFOs, and half don't. This strong pro-con opinion means there is dramatic conflict on the topic - perfect for a soap opera. Life turns on a dime in a non-rational way in soaps…And in ufology.

Season One of MFW is a 12-episode story arc. Series Creator and Executive Producer Richard Cutting has been involved in Ufology and associated phenomena for over 15 years.

"The show is about relationships under duress. Tilting toward the women's perspective. How women and men create or walk into situations they can't always handle very well. Especially as things they can't control arise. Fastwalkers is about how life can snowball on us sometimes. And then it gets even weirder." said Cutting.