Mind's Eye

Entangled in a supernatural war, the world's greatest heroes must disguise themselves as children to protect humanity’s last hope.


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Illia Fairchild is a twelve-year-old boy. He likes to draw and build forts. He likes to fantasize about far off lands filled with Knights and Wizards and Pirates. He fights with his Grandfather sometimes, dozes off during math class, and is pretty good at baseball. He has a crush on a girl but is terrified of telling her. He wishes he had a dog. He doesn’t know it but he’s being hunted.

For centuries a war has been fought between the terrifying Daemon and the Righteous Seraphim. They are searching for a human with the power to tip the balance of power in their favour and finally put the war to rest.

Closing in on Illia the war is spilling into the streets and one small suburban town is becoming a land filled with mystery and danger.

Illia is not alone in his fight. His neighbourhood friends are Humanity’s greatest heroes and they’ve sworn to protect Illia from the harsh reality of the war until he is old enough to understand his place in the world. Known as Dreamweavers these heroes possess the ability to alter reality with their imaginations. Powerful warriors from different cultures and time periods the Dreamweavers disguise themselves as children and work behind the scenes to give Illia a chance to find his own way in a world filled with expectations.

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