My Roommate the Cylon

Three Roommates. One's a Cylon. You do the Math.

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Three roommates receive word that one of them is a Cylon. But who's the skinjob?

Bennett, Pjeter, and Dale must get to the bottom of their conundrum before it's too late, and the dirty frakkin' toaster clicks on and kills the other two. Let the accusations commence!

My Roommate the Cylon (MRTC) is a fan-created comedy series based on the 2004-2009 Sci Fi series Battlestar Galactica.

Shot in the styles of both Battlestar Galactica and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, MRTC is a "wild romp through the undiscovered, humorous underbelly of the wildly popular BSG."

Whether you like robots, roommates, or just good ol' fashioned witch hunts, we promise MRTC will never let you down. That is, of course, unless you live on Caprica. Then you'll be the casualty of a massive nuclear explosion. Our bad.