Watch events unfold through the eyes of the security system's mysterious operator.

Four single women who reside in the same apartment complex experience life and love in today’s world. The seemingly perfect living arrangements are anything but as unknown to them, not only is every aspect of their lives being monitored and recorded within the complex but other tenants move out with no explanation. Friendships will be put to the test and lives forever changed as the truth behind the mystery slowly comes to light. 

Neighborhood Watch at The Hollywood incorporates an innovative storytelling device called "Forced Perspective." Forced perspective is essentially first person point of view, which is nothing new, however the difference is that the viewer is forced to see the entire story through a character's perspective. The powerful aspect of Forced Perspective is that the viewer doesn't get to see what they want to see or even what they are used to seeing. There is no hand holding. There are no zoom shots to direct your attention to where clues might be-you're going to have to find them yourself.  In Neighborhood Watch at The Hollywood the viewer is immediately introduced to the control panel of The Hollywood's state of the art security system and it becomes evident that they are watching someone use it to monitor the tenants.  The console is completely functional and the operator has access to not only security cam footage but also video from cams hidden in apartments as well as mobile cams.  Only the security system's operator controls what is seen and when and discovering their identity is central to the plot. 

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