New Gods

A young woman and her father must adapt to life in an affluent Star City, where the grasp of politics reaches to the ends of the solar system, and technology transforms even the unworthy into Gods.

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Combining sci-fi with teen and adult drama, New Gods is a recurring online series produced by New Golden Age Pictures.

After striking it rich from one of the last He3 finds in the solar system, Michael Ares moves from the outer reaches to Avalon, dragging his reluctant daughter, Kaela, with him. But neither are prepared for what they'll find in the affluent Star City, from political machinations that threaten to destroy a centuries-long peace, to a generation of arrogant youth who abuse nanotechnology to shape themselves into gods. Soon the destinies of father and daughter entwine to determine the fate not only of Avalon, but of the entire solar system.

NGAP's vision is that the audience will not only watch, but also create the series, determine its direction, and share in its profits. Join NGAP today, and become a part of New Gods!