Night Is Day

It's my city, it's my business.

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Now in to its second season, Night Is Day continues to explore the world of Jason Mackenzie - Glasgow's superhero.

Once a down on-his-luck Glaswegian, Jason Mackenzie is left by his girlfriend, forcing him into depression which led him to being hospitalised after a horrific accident. From there Jason met Ames, a mysterious demon in human form, who gave Jason the power of a demon so he could fight to keep us safe.

For every good there is bad, and nobody is more evil than Mr. Philips, an evil businessman who has the world convinced he is a loving humanitarian researching a cure for cancer, when in fact he is determined to bring about the end of the world, using ancient rituals to allow evil demons to enter our world.

Jason isn't alone in his fight against Mr. Philips as hard working DCI Charles Sloan and rough cop DI Iain Mullan are determined to do whatever it takes to lock Mr. Philips away forever. However they soon find out there is more evil in this world who will try to destroy anything that stands in their way.