A web series about a group of vampire hunters out to eradicate evil, one vampire at a time… as soon as they find one.

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The story follows five vampire hunters on their night-to-night struggles to vanquish the creatures of the night... if only they could find one.

Ricky is the group's leader and "Dungeon Master," who works a coveted job at a local comic book store. Andrew's the second in command who, when not delivering pizzas, keeps the group in order and plans their tactical strategies. Ethan, the inventor, builds and maintains the group's various ramshackle hunting gear, including a tanning cream launching weapon of mass vampire destruction. Seth, head of research and very vocal conspiracy theorist, flaunts outlandish views that would make even Jerry Springer take pause. And finally there's Billy, the fifth wheel, who doesn't talk much and no one really even seems to know why he's there.