No Warning

We have been given No Warning.

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Something happened during the summer of 2007 in Northern Ireland. Strange lights were seen in the skies. People started to disappear. Strangest of all, no one seemed to notice they were missing.

Back in the present, footage of the missing individuals has been uncovered and released onto the internet, arriving just as mysteriously as the disappearances themselves. A new telecommunications and software corporation has also arrived in the Province, promising great services and products, yet their origin (and motive) is shrouded in mystery.

An emissary has appeared, claiming to know answers but, for some reason, he cannot relay his message directly - other forces are watching him and he knows he has to stay one step ahead of them in order to fulfil his mission. He has to rely on cryptic clues and the ingenuity of his audience in order to reveal a dreadful fate and a desperate cause.

Everything is not as it seems. There is more going on than we have been led to believe. This is just the beginning of something bigger than the planet and, so far, we have been given No Warning.