After Judgment

The End of The World Begins Again

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In a world where no one dies and the sun never sets, an ex-priest enlists the help of a rag-tag band of survivors to find the fabled last remaining entrance into paradise…

Judgment Day has come and gone. Most of the world’s population and all the children have simply vanished. Those remaining cannot die, and do not age. They exist on an Earth frozen in time, where all sources of power and energy have ceased; a world where daylight never ends, nothing works, and the ocean is poisonous.

100 years later, the last chance for redemption rests in an unlikely soul. Steven, a man once of the church, now devoid of all hope or faith spends his days wandering the desolate streets in an apathetic daze. That is, until today.

Watch the entire first season of the six Streamy-nominated original webseries and then delve into the mythology of After Judgment with the videos of Before Judgment: recovered footage of the characters before and during the fall of humanity.