Out of Time

Whatever has happened... stays happened.


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OUT OF TIME follows the story of Chris Allman, the subject of a medical trial who volunteers to have a chip placed into his head. Chris then begins to experience blackouts which cause him to lose track of blocks of time.

When his girlfriend Sara is killed in front of him, Chris inadvertently travels backward in time and realizes he may have the key to saving Sara’s life.

Working against him is Dr. Osborn and his cronies who always seems to be one step ahead of Chris and will stop at nothing from stopping Chris’ quest to save Sara. After all, whatever has happened, stays happened…

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2374870/

Starring: Steve Kasan, Julia MacPherson, Robert Nolan, Katie MacTavish, Dave Dalziel, Brian Quintero, Dulce Felix

Written by: Steve Kasan & Rodney V. Smith

Filmed & Edited by Rodney V. Smith

Directed by Shailene Garnett & Rodney V. Smith

Producers: Dulce Felix, Rodney V. Smith, Catalina Yue, Steve Kasan, Shailene Garnett, J. Sibley Law, Miles Maker