A Soul Shatters...A Voice Beckons...A Life Falls...To Pieces


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Jacob Clarke started off his day like any other day. When a freak accident sends Jacob Clarke to the hospital, he leaves with the worst news of all: a cancer diagnosis.

It is then that Jacob first hears "The Voice". He brushes it off as a mere side effect of his brain tumour, but soon, "The Voice" proves itself to much more and Jacob is guided by it. When "The Voice" guides him to do the unthinkable, Jacob's life is forever shattered to pieces and he is on the run from the police and a major gang syndicate.

Each season of Pieces begins with a montage of seemingly random and unrelated images and clips. These images and clips then factor in to the rest of the season and viewers get to try to spot them as they pop up and piece these clues together to form the overall fabric of the show.

SciFinal Creator's Corner interview: Pieces - Dylann Bobei