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Check out for the "Shedding Light" series of mini-episodes, more info on the world of Posthuman, and many more episodes to come!

Posthuman is the future story of Charlie Porter, a down and out private investigator.  Porter is given the chance to reclaim the life in the same Ghetto he lost it, when he is given a new case by a mysterious woman.  He continues to explore a rumoured subculture known as the "Memes," one he has been obsessed with since the disappearance of famed nano-roboticist, Dr. Dorothy Ascher.  The Memes may be a cult worshipping the doctor, or wanting answers from the government about her disappearance, or they may be planning a revolution against Capital City from the heart of the Ghettoes.  As Porter searches for answers, he will question his past, his sanity, and what it means to be human.


Jason Martorino as Porter

Sara Mitich as Gina

Joanna Haughton as Dorothy Ascher

Will van der Zyl as Gibson

Amanda Phillips as Ricky Reynolds

Roger Kell as Superintendent John Wilson

SciFinal Creator's Corner interview: Posthuman - Lyndon Horsfall