Probed Signals

There are signals everywhere.

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There are signals everywhere.

Our planet is covered with TV broadcasts, radio waves, cellphone connections, and broadband transmissions... at least, those are the ones we know about.

Carter Fox stumbles upon a mysterious signal that he thinks is foreign to our planet. Though he's always had his suspicions about paranormal activity, his friend, Chrissy, dismisses it as his overactive imagination. But with this signal growing stronger, and the looming fear that someone is watching him, Carter can't help but think that it's all connected to a significant, paranormal event from his past. As he searches for proof of a connection, he'll soon realize... there are signals everywhere.

Update: 8/31/2010 - PROBED:signals was nominated for FIVE 2010 Rocky Mountain Emmy awards including: Program/Special, Audio Post Production, Lighting, Photography, and Talent (Actor Kevin Herrmann). Award ceremony is on October 9th. Wish us luck!

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