The end begins now.

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Process is a near-future science-fiction web series that follows six people as they struggle to survive in a city that is literally changing before their eyes.

Skyscrapers, antennae, digital and other infrastructure emerge constantly, seemingly at random, utterly ignored by the general population. Plagued by nightmares of a dark inky presence and periods of lost memory and consciousness, our six protagonists are different in that they appear to be the only people in the entire city who notice the transformations around them.

The series focuses on Eve, a twenty-something erstwhile radio astronomer who acts as the hub of the group. United by their unique awareness, the group rotates around Eve and works to dismantle or interrupt the ever-encroaching infrastructure of the city, all the while being pursued by the mysterious and omnipresent Grey Man. Everything seems to be falling into place, but for what, no one is sure. Something dark is approaching. With only weeks to make a difference, can they unravel the mysterious process before it’s too late?