The Republic

The Future of Extremes

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The Republic chronicles of the trials and tribulations of the Alden Family as the country collapses around them.

Set a few years in the future, various extremist agendas have now been codified into law. The new Freedom of Commerce, Life, Information, Education, Taxation, and other Freedom Acts mean "security and freedom" for everyone, because nothing is regulated, but everything is controlled.

All media are monitored and government-approved: Internet, radio, newspapers, publishing. Abortion is illegal, punishable by death. Church attendance and baptism are mandatory. Divorce is illegal. Government "interference" with commerce is gone: no food or water inspections, no drug approvals, no price restrictions. Military service is compulsory. Public education is underfunded until it collapses, so only private religious schools continue. ID cards report your every move: being caught without a card is a crime. All immigrants, green-card and illegal, are expelled along with their children. War in the Middle East sparks riots in Europe, but details are sketchy. Self-appointed Neighborhood Patrols enforce curfews and morals. Justice is for the rich and party members. Indoctrination splits kids from parents.