The Truth Can Kill You

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Cali Cavaleri is struggling young writer for a Los Angeles tabloid magazine who just can't seem to get her life together. When she stumbles across a dead man's cell phone in the Beveryly Hills Library parking structure, her troubles take on unearthly proportion. The cell phone holds a secret logarithm that when activated propels her into a 6th dimensional Library of Truth (LOT) where all the real facts are kept on everyone and everything. Cali soon disocvers the portals to the LOT are controlled by MINERVA, a secret society of of international power brokers who will stop at nothing to protect their access to privileged knowledge. Starring Jackie Tohn (American Idol) and Eric Marsolf (soap star of Passions and Days of our Lives).

SciFinal Creator's Corner interview: STACKS - Cherie Peters & Kathy Forti