Star Command

In space, no one can hear you laugh...

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“Space…it’s really big. There are over 900 worlds in the Commonwealth of Federated Alliances, and chances are I’ve been banned from most of them. But when the best and the brightest are few and far between, you get us – the best of what’s left.”

     – Captain Richard A. Sheppard

Star Command is a Sci-Fi Comedy series chronicling the voyages of the Starship USS Robert E. Leeand her crew, the biggest misfits in the fleet. If you want a mission to fail (and fail spectacularly), you hand it over to the Lee. But with a new Captain on the bridge, things may be about to change. Can a crew of malcontents, rogues, and outcasts come together and face the galaxy’s greatest threats?

Probably not. But it’ll be fun to watch them try.

  • Where other science-fiction series would show you the best and brightest…
  • …piloting the most powerful ship in the fleet…
  • …working tirelessly to better mankind…
  • …exploring the galaxy in search of some existential truth…


We thought it’d be more entertaining to show off the other end of the spectrum. Instead…

  • The ship is falling apart, held together by duct tape and mutual self-resentment.
  • The captain’s a disgraced loser, coping via alcohol and self-serving relationships.
  • The crew are career underachievers/reprobates, having arrived here either as punishment, refuge from responsibility, or a convenient means to earn a paycheck in a galaxy that’s crapped on them.


Yet, somehow, they manage to work together and stumble backwards blindly into something resembling success.

Saving the galaxy? Sure, they get around to that, but only because that’s where they live.

In a larger sense, Star Command explores themes of individuality, and how the accepted way of doing things isn’t always the best way. The crew of the USS Robert E. Lee have unique skills and even more unique perspectives on life, which often gets them in trouble with the more rigid elements in the fleet and galactic society as a whole.

Essentially Star Command is a show about finding your place in the universe, where you are accepted and can achieve the unthinkable.

We also happen to think it’s absolutely  hysterical, and think you will find it so as well!

Shorts and episodes are currently in production, to be released on a weekly/biweekly basis, with other great tidbits of information about the show updated constantly on the site, so check in often for new stuff!