Star Trek Hidden Frontier

Journey into the Hidden Frontier!

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Journey into the Hidden Frontier!

Star Trek Hidden Frontier, Star Trek Odyssey, Star Trek The Helena Chronicles, Star Trek Federation One and audio shows Star Trek Federation One, Henglaar MD and Star Trek Grissom make up the Hidden Frontier family of Star Trek Shows.

With over 50 episode produced and new ones still in production, Hidden Frontier has something for every Trek fan.

Hidden Frontier is set after the Dominion War featured in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. When Rob Caves, Executive Producer created Hidden Frontier, he wanted to combine the best elements of the Next Generation era Trek shows he grew up with. On Hidden Frontier, we have a space station, Deep Space Twelve, as well as a starship, the Galaxy Class U.S.S. Excelsior, NCC-77246. This allows us to explore the Star Trek universe in just about any way our writers can imagine.

Sample an episode above from Star Trek Odyssey and join us in the 24th Century.