The Third Age

They Kidnapped God. She's Here to Save Him.

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The Third Age is a magical realist webseries, a psychedelic remix of classic mythology, telling the story of ordinary people caught up in an eternal war between gods waged on the streets of New York City.

The first season consists of 13 seven minute episodes, distributed by Blip.TV, and will be released weekly, starting November 17th.

The series blends fantasy elements with a reality based setting to tell a story that is personal in focus, but epic in scope. The story crosses a wide range of characters and scenarios, and will unfold in its entirety over the course of two thirteen episode seasons.

Thirty years ago, Jerrod Woolf had a vision. He saw himself growing older, building a pharmaceutical company that would one day create a drug that would save the world. As that moment approaches, Jerrod finds himself questioning the steps he's taken, and wondering whether this drug is the right thing for the world, and whether he has any say in his own destiny.

Christopher Zinone is feeling depressed. A drug dealer who caters to a wealthy crowd, he trudges through his daily routine wondering "Is this all there is?" One night, on his way home from a deal, he finds a woman crying on the street. Drawn to her, he offers her his hand and promises to help her. Her name is Morning, and Zionne soon discovers that there is more to her than he initially thought. She is looking for her father, who is being held prisoner by a scientist - and she is determined to rescue him.

Two opposing sides spin into conflict, as Zinone and Morning set out to find her father, and Jerrod Woolf sets out to reclaim his future.