TV Face

TV Face is watching you.

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TV Face is a pulpy, genre-blending horror series designed from the ground up as an Internet-only exclusive.

Mitch (Scott Vickaryous), an obsessive collector and aspiring comic book artist ravenously snaps up rare horror VHS's to sell for big bucks in order to jump-start his career. The unlikely anti-hero undergoes physical "hero" training ordered by his Publisher to improve his drawings. Meanwhile, his female counterpart, Jessica (Lindsey Girardot), tries desperately to escape the Nightmare Circuit, a dreamlike other-world, while struggling to remember her past. Obsessed with winning Mitch back as a friend and controlling his life, Randy (Jilon Ghai) stops at nothing to get the upper hand on Mitch.

When Mitch discovers IL Bruto, the rarest horror film in the world, his training is put to the test as a supernatural rival, TV Face, appears; hell-bent on claiming the prize for himself. Aided by Jessica and sabotaged by Randy, Mitch struggles to get Il Bruto back from the dangerous Delilah, and trap TV Face inside Applegrove High's treacherous waterworks. With his life in the balance, Mitch attempts to unravel the mystery surrounding IL Bruto, before facing losing everything he holds dear.