The Undead Diaries

1 girl, 1 guy, 4 fangs....the most human vampires you'll ever meet!

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Danyelle and Alistaire have been friends for a long time. Among the many things they share a love for, vampires are at the top of the list. So when Alistaire is actually made one and offers the dark gift to Danyelle, it’s a no brainer for her.

But what happens when your very human ways consistently conflict with all that is vampire? It’s a funny and endearing look at transformation and friendship. Throughout each episode, they address the audience with their thoughts on each trial and tribulation. 

Not only are these numerous obstacles creating havoc in their lives (although Alistaire seems to be coping much better than Danny), they only have each other to lead through each mess as their the only vampires they know. They are the most human vampires you’ll ever meet!