Vacationlanders: The Unorganized Territories of Maine, c. 2015-2016

A dramatic, documentary-style, how-to web series set in the near future.

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Our story begins in 2012, when the U.S. government takes its first drastic step in the decline of the Age of Oil. In response to leaked data about the true remaining oil reserves in Saudi Arabia, Congress passes the “Emergency Energy Conservation Act.” Within several months, six U.S. states are shut off from the grid and all remaining infrastructure is left in the hands of those who choose to stay behind.

No power. No services. No Internet. No law.

Three years later, a documentary film crew travels into The Unorganized Territories of Maine to learn and document how survival has worked for those who have made the decision to stay and rough it out. Those people will be known as Vacationlanders.

On film, the Vacationlanders are meant to instruct viewers about an alternative lifestyle, each episode covering how-to’s about water, food, electricity, birth, death, health, shelter, transportation, entertainment, self defense, and common law. But things don’t go as planned in a land where everything is different.

Vacationlanders is not about Armageddon. It’s about change and humanity and humanity’s adaptation to that change. It’s about sustainable living without the use of oil related energy. It’s not your typical post-apocalypse story; our characters are not the victims of worldwide collapse due to a virus or an instant climate shift. Instead, it’s an optimistic, promising spin on what the world is facing with the potential for peak oil hysteria. Vacationlanders is about a handful of brave, principled, (or crazy) people who have chosen to live by a different, more sustainable standard, BEFORE the lethal hammer comes down, BEFORE there is nothing left.