The Vault

150 players, 7 days, and only the entire world watching. Good luck Henry.

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The year is 2016. TV still sucks. After years of poor ratings and programming flops, a major television network decides to make big changes. In a last-ditch attempt to pull itself out of last place, this network puts all of it's programming on hold for one new show that they simply call The Vault, a live, 24-7 reality show that will run for one week.

Little information is given to the public about this mysterious show, but the network heavily promotes it for over a year, building up huge anticipation. It is eventually announced that 10 college/graduate students will participate in the show, with a multi-million dollar prize on the line. The identity of these participants is kept a secret, and the network tells viewers to make sure to tune in for the big surprise.

Our story begins at the start of this show, and is told from the perspective of the people participating in it. The participants live in a place referred to as "the vault", a multi-room complex kept under constant surveillance. They are kept in isolation from each other in a series of very small rooms, where they will live for the duration of the show. The contents of these rooms vary, with each serving a specific function within the vault. It is up to the participants to figure out what those functions are, and ultimately what the purpose of the vault itself is.

Right at the start, The Vault reveals it's big surprise. There aren't 10 participants in this show. There are almost 150, and they have 168 hours to sort it all out, and only the whole world watching. The story is primarily told from the perspective of a player named Henry who is in a room with a switchboard that controls communication throughout the vault. In many ways, the vault is like one giant puzzle for Henry to solve.