Walking In Circles

An Epic Tale about Dragons n' Stuff


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Walking In Circles is a fantasy comedy webseries that follows five adventurers, Krag, Markus, Garand, Angie, and Alex through the trials and tribulations of their first quest together.  They learn to understand and deal with each other and the various cultures that they come from.  They meet all sorts of crazy characters along the way, helping or impeding their quest.

The series itself is written by James Rodehaver and directed by Adam Rady.  It stars Eric Radic, Katie Wilson, Jonah Priour, and Adam Rady.  Guest appearances by the likes of Annemarie Pazmino, Teresa Decher, Maxwell Glick, and many more.

The first episode of Walking in Circles is up on YouTube!  Visit our website to see Krag and friends start out on their adventure.  You'll find a new episode every Tuesday at 12EST/9PST!

SciFinal Creator's Corner interview: Walking In Circles - James Rodehaver