Where Were You

Some Events Define History. Where Were You?


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On November 15, 2010, a parasitic virus wrought havoc on apple orchards worldwide. Within hours, thousands were infected. Within the course of a single day in history, our world was thrown into darkness. Described by Dr. Sarah Finch, the virus is "Beautiful and elegant... Immediately it hijacks the motor cortex system and proceeds to use the host as a... puppet [sic]" Set within a real world environment, Where Were You begins in the moment of the outbreak with the eminent Dr. Finch recounting her experience on the front line. Finch's account leads us on to the ‘White Knights', Tom & Dom, two radio disc jockeys who continued to broadcast updates from a very exposed studio despite the very real threat of infected individuals roaming in the masses. In doing so, Tom & Dom saved thousands of lives, whilst also initiating their own enquiry, on air, into the lack of response by authorities, specifically the head of the country.

Where Were You begins in the upper echelons of the Royal Commission hearing. Dr. Finch is explaining how the lack of appropriate response from authorities led to the disasters prolonged siege of millions. The 'contaminated individuals' were not allowed to be terminated or euthanized. However. What Dr Finch hasn't been able to track is the source of the parasitic virus. Logistically, she has calculated the spread. Fresh produce served as the vehicle for which the virus spread. But where did it come from? And why, of all the people would the head of the state be one of the most uncooperative people to work with?

With a focus on good production values, Where Were You excels where others don't.