The Young Adventures of Damon Dark

The teenage years of the internet's favourite UFO Hunter!

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Spin off from popular Australian web series Damon Dark created by Adrian Sherlock, The Young Adventures of Damon Dark follows the formative years of UFO Hunter, Damon Dark. Many important stories and revelations are told about the character. We witness his first UFO encounter, we watch him become a social outcast, and we see the creation of Damon's most terrifying enemy, The Collective.  

Starring Jack Knoll as Young Damon Dark
And Rachael Hunt as Lucy Reynolds

It has been described as "an outstanding piece of amateur film making" and Adrian Sherlock says, "Without a doubt, this was the BEST thing anyone has EVER made about the character of Damon Dark, I absolutely loved it"

The series is made up of many serials. Here is an episode guide:

1. The Origin of Damon Dark (3 Parts)
2. A Look Into The Future (1 Part)
3. Child of the Dead (3 Parts)
4. A Forbidden Friendship (3 Parts)
5. War of the Sky (1 Part)
6. Dawn of the Shadowmen (2 Parts)
7. The Dream Monster (3 Parts)
8. Genesis of the Collective (1 Part)

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