A plague has fallen over Los Angeles, turning the sky black and leaving death in its wake. Only 13 survive. No one knows how it happened. No one knows why it happened...

WebSerials.com and New Renaissance Pictures present a first-of-its-kind interactive web series: The Black Dawn. The suspenseful new series uses several online mediums to create a fully immersive, multi-layered dramatic experience. Combining a narrative web series with short films, an online comic, and fictional video blogs, The Black Dawn spins a mysterious web that you will be able to interact with over the course of the show.

The Black Dawn centers around thirteen college students who have mysteriously survived a deadly plague that has fallen over Los Angeles. Banding together, these survivors must find out what has happened...and why. Each chapter of the suspense-filled series will reveal a new piece of the puzzle as you and our heroes discover the secret behind The Black Dawn.

Over the next six months, WebSerials.com will release the series in 24 weekly installments. Alongside each week's new episode, you will be able to dig deeper by exploring surrounding video blogs, short films, and online comics that delve into different parts of the mystery. In all, The Black Dawn will consist of over 100 distinct components that all weave together to tell the epic story of these thirteen survivors.

"With all of this supplemental content, we're ultimately creating an online world for audiences to explore," explains executive producer Joshua Sikora, "We wanted to combine the interactivity of the web with the dramatic power of film—not in a gimmicky way, but in way that truly gives the audience the power to engage the story in their own way, at their own pace."

All of the supporting content is self-contained, so you don't need to have seen any of the show to jump into this expanded world. While it's all integrated into the central storyline, the supplemental content offers different kinds of stories and a different tone from the main web series. For instance, The Adam & Ben Show is a lighter series that explores the backstories of the main characters in the guise of a college video blog show. The online comic will expand the scope of the story, by exploring the Black Dawn from a whole new perspective.

"The freedom of the internet means we no longer need to approach content from a strictly linear perspective," Sikora comments. "When you enter the world of The Black Dawn you have the power to interact with the story—you can go forward in time with the web series, or go backwards and explore the events that lead up to the Black Dawn. As we release more content, the story will continue to grow—not just linearly, but in all directions—giving the audience an unprecedented way of engaging with these characters and their world."

The Black Dawn stars Jordan Warren, Eamon Glennon, and Misty Madden. It's written by Abraham Sherman & Brian Walton and directed by William Hellmuth. The series premieres on WebSerials.com and is also be available on YouTube.