Bose is always right

Ultimate in corporate comedy!

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About Season One: Premiered on November 1, 2009. Bose is always right is a corporate comedy that focuses on strange but possible official lives of the people. There are two main characters in this web series. One is the boss, whose name is Bose. The other is an employee who does not have a name. The other characters include the driver Mr.Speed and the HR person, Mr.Helmet. Each episode in the series can also be watched and understood as a single video film too.

In Season 1, Bose, Employee, Helmet, and Speed are seen leading a normal and peaceful life of office politics. However, their world is disturbed by the irritating and painful presence of Extratar. His speech, his intentions, and his mere presence itself make life difficult for everyone, especially Bose. However, they get some relief when Extratar leaves them for sometime because he feels their life is like a web series. He wants to know how the real world operates and left Bose and team for that. The first season ends with an interesting climax, in the episode finale on March 8, 2010.

All the roles including the script, camera, acting, direction, editing, production, and distribution are done by a single person, Surag Ramachandran. This is a pioneer web series from India whose first season ran for twenty episodes!

About Season Two: Premiered on November 1, 2010 . A representative from the audience meets the characters of Bose is always right and gives them feedback about the show. Based on that, each of the characters makes an episode each. The themes for the episode are provided by the representative from the audience. Watch the season two, to see where they are headed to.