What if all your favorite characters existed in the same universe?

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What if all your favorite characters existed in the same universe? How would things be different? What if Movie events had repercussions across various television shows? If Jack Bauer was trying to solve a string of unsolved murders across the country, would he employ the use of CTU or would he also enlist the help of 2 former FBI agents named Mulder and Scully? What if Blade, the ultimate vampire hunter found out about the existence of a small group of vampires residing in Washington called the Cullens? What if the Zombie virus featured in Resident Evil were to actually happen...would the Winchester brothers from Supernatural assist in stopping the plague before its too late?

The possibilities of these events occurring will be explored in the new web series:


Combining existing footage from multiple shows and movies (with the aid of some CGI trickery) to form a completely new storyline. Dialogue has been remastered from all seasons of each show, picked up and spliced to form a completely new story. You have seen mash-up trailers before but this is different. All characters will retain their personalities and traits. Music and even the visual styles have been combined to form something new, from the visual style of Supernatural, to the ticking clock of 24 and locations and darkness of the X-files.

Characters will die. Events will change...and when all these characters begin to interact...the world will never be the same.

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