Day Zero

"I should be dead..." -- Blake Edwards, survivor

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From the producer of In Your Prayers comes the award-winning post-apocalyptic web TV series Day Zero, when an experiment goes wrong causing a future America crawling with Hybrids from World War IV's last biochemical nuclear attack, leaving only a handful of survivors.


The year is 2112. The world's population has been wiped out, leaving behind only Hybrids, shadows of what human beings once were. Left unharmed by the fallout of the Last Great War are eight people who are struggling for survival, trying to avoid their pasts and forge new beginnings: A Drug Addict, an Army Captain, a Killer, a Deaf Boy and his Sister, a Southern Bayou Deadshot, a Hopeless Optimist, and a Prostitute.


The Earth's population was nearly decimated as a result of World War IV. Science and technology had advanced beyond ethical bounds, so most of mankind reversed course. Eventually, global dictatorships violated the United Nation's Bioethics Treaty, secretly stockpiling arms. As a result, an oblivious America was attacked. Retaliation with augmented nuclear weaponry had unforeseen effects, affecting most survivors in the Western Hemisphere and altering the rest. Those infected became ravenous beasts, feeding off the remaining population. But pockets of humanity remain... In the middle of Utah are eight survivors. What will they do now?